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Panel discusses outdoor dining regulations

The Town of Erwin Planning Commission met on Sept. 24.
The panel opened discussion on liability insurance regarding downtown outdoor dining regulations. They also discussed sidewalk dining within the downtown overlay district. No motion was made and the topic will likely be brought up again at a future planning commission meeting.
While no motion was made, the officials agreed there was no need to require uniformity with the downtown dining furniture. It is common practice, especially in larger cities, to require outdoor dining furniture to be similar in its appearance.
The planning commission agreed to let businesses have some variance in their outdoor dining furniture.
Lou Snider, owner of Hawg-N-Dawg on the corner of Union Street and Main Avenue, said he is on board with the idea. His restaurant has been one of the first to utilize the new sidewalks to set up dining.
“I think it’s a good idea,” said Snider. “It adds a uniqueness to the downtown. I do think there needs to be some kind of bounds, but it’s a good idea. I have no issues with it.”
In other business, the Board of Zoning Appeals denied a request for a gazebo to be installed on the property of 529 Ohio Ave.