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Overwhelming support shown to Clouse family

A fundraiser to benefit Mike Clouse, a Unicoi County resident living with cancer, yielded more than $8,500 with all proceeds going toward medical and living costs for his family.
Mike Hensely, who orgainized the event along with Doug Shelton and members of Temple Hill’s Neighborhood Watch, said they decided to hold the fundraiser to help offset treatment costs for the Clouse family.
“We all came together and discussed (holding a fundraiser), and we started talking to people,” Hensely said. “We have received overwhelming support from people in Unicoi County. Mike is well-known throughout the county.”
Clouse was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2002 and since then, has been in remission three times. However, he continues to battle the disease and is currently in Nashville receiving costly treatments. He and his wife, Amy, have a 10-year-old son, Max.
“Mike has been battling cancer for about nine years, and this recent occurrence has put him in Nashville for treatment,” Hensley explained. “That runs into a lot of money.”
The fundraising event, held at Hensley Hills Festival Grounds last Friday, included a silent auction, a prayer service, bluegrass and gospel music and a dinner of hamburgers, hotdogs and drinks. The Spivey Mountain Boys, along with other bands, provided entertainment. All proceeds from the auction, a love offering and the dinner will go to a special account set up at Clinchfield Federal Credit Union for the Clouse family.
“We realize Mike has not been able to work, and Amy has Max,” Hensley said. “Going back and forth to Nashville–all that costs money. No matter how much insurance you have, you still have medical expenses and other costs.”
Before the event, Hensley expressed faith in business owners and members of the community, saying there has already been an outpouring of support for Clouse and his family.
“Many businesses have already made contributions, and we are expecting a large crowd,” Hensley said. “This community has always come together when there is somebody in need. Mike and Amy are both well-known, and they are natives of Unicoi County. I feel confident we’ll have a very large crowd here tonight.”
Hensley added that Joey Lewis recorded the fundraising event. However, Hensley said that he is looking for someone who would be willing to make DVD copies of the event free of charge. Those DVDs could then be sold with all proceeds going toward the special account established for the Clouse family.
Anyone wishing to make a donation to the Clouse’s fund should call Clinchfield Federal Credit Union at 743-9129.