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New project aims to help homeless

By Keeli Parkey
Managing Editor

MedicOne Medical Response and the Red Rock Resale Shop have joined forces to provide assistance to homeless individuals in Unicoi County.

According to information from organizers, the Bucket of Hope project will collect needed items for the homeless and distribute the items in buckets.

“The concept behind this project is to fill up buckets with needed items for the homeless,” a press release from the organizers said. “Why a bucket? Think of all the ways a bucket can be used: It can haul items, carry water or be used as a seat. If the bucket has a lid, it can keep items dry in the weather and so many more uses.”

Donations of personal items, such as lip balm, lotion, dry shampoo, body wash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, comb, brush, non-aerosol deodorant, bandages and antibiotic ointment are being sought. Also needed are clothing items such as thick socks, scarves and toboggans. Towels and washcloths are needed for the buckets.

Other donations can also assist the homeless and be carried in the buckets, according to project organizers. These items include a tarp for protection from the elements; Duct Tape to repair tarps and other items used for shelter; hand heating packs; and sleeping bags.

Bottled water and fast food gift cards are also being sought.

The Red Rock Resale Shop will be providing clothing vouchers for those in need.

Everyone is encouraged to participate and donate to the Bucket of Hope.

All donations should be dropped off during the business hours of the Red Rock Resale Shop, 1109 N. Main St., Erwin. All items donated should be new.

For more information, contact MedicOne Medical Response a 735-4464 or the Red Rock Resale Shop at 735-0377.