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New process implemented for state driver’s license

Applicants for a driver’s
license in eastern Tennessee
will now have a new
process to go through in
order to acquire a license.
As of last Monday, any applicants
for a driver’s license
will have their information
directly submitted
to Tennessee Department
of Safety & Homeland Security.
The difference between
the new system and the
old is that the new system
submits all the information
directly to the state. The
applicant can no longer receive
the hard copy of their
license on the same day
they apply. Instead, they
will receive a temporary
paper copy which also acts
as a receipt. The paper version
has perforated edges
so it can be cut out like a
card and placed in a wallet
or purse just like a regular
The applicant should
then receive the new copy
of their license directly
from the state within 20
Mitzi Bowen, Unicoi
County Clerk, believes the
change is mostly about security.
“I think (terrorism) has a
lot to do with it now,” said
Bowen. “It’s now tied in
to other states to where if
there’s a hit on someone,
(Tennessee Department of
Safety & Homeland Security)
will know.”

For the remainder of this article please see the August 13, 2013 edition of The Erwin Record.

By Thomas Knisley
Staff Writer
[email protected]