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Mock trial team uses rehearsal as Relay fundraiser

The Unicoi County High School mock trial team organized an event that not only prepared them for an upcoming competition, but helped raise more than $450 for Relay for Life.
Sarah Shults, a UCHS mock trial coach, was diagnosed recently with breast cancer and was humbled by the students’ support in raising money for the Relay.
“When I floated the idea to make one of our dress rehearsals a Relay for Life event, they were all over it,” Shults said. “Cancer has touched several people’s lives on the team.”
Individuals involved in the mock trial dress rehearsal decided to honor local survivors and those currently affected by cancer by turning the event into a fundraiser, which included a bake sale.
Mock trial participant Laura Rogers said she was proud of her team for supporting the fundraiser idea because she was closely affected by cancer when her brother was diagnosed with lymphoma when she was in fourth grade.
“I think it’s a wonderful idea since my brother has had cancer and since Sarah does,” said Rogers, who played the role of an attorney for the prosecution in the trial. “It’s a great honor to be here to raise money for Relay for Life.”
The mock trial, which was based on a fictional murder case, was held in the Unicoi County Courthouse on Sunday, Feb. 3. The trial resulted in a not guilty verdict for the defense.

For the remainder of this article please see the February 5, 2013 edition of The Erwin Record.