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Man accused of assaulting pregnant woman by UCSD

A man faces several charges following an alleged domestic assault incident which reportedly occurred in the Town of Erwin on Sunday, Nov. 30.
According to an affidavit of complaint filed by Cpl. Stacy Wigand with the Unicoi County Sheriff’s Department, at approximately 11 p.m. on Sunday, Unicoi County 911 received a call regarding a domestic in progress at 107 Taylor Drive in Erwin.
“On my arrival I found a female and a small child standing outside near the driveway and a male subject standing on the back porch area of the house,” Wigand writes in the complaint. “As I approached the female, she began to explain the events that had occurred. At the same time, the male subject became very loud and belligerent.”
The male subject was later identified as Tony Richard Taylor, Jr., 39. The name of the female subject, who was 24 weeks pregnant at the time of the alleged incident, was not included in the complaint.
Wigand states in the report that he asked the female subject to remain where she was so he could speak with Taylor and that Taylor “had the odor of alcohol/liquor about his person and was intoxicated at the time of this incident.”
Wigand also recounts his conversation with Taylor: “(Taylor) was very belligerent and was asked several times to remain calm and explain the events of the incident,” Wigand writes. “He began to state that the female had slammed his foot inside the door when he was attempting to leave the residence. He further stated that he had his bag packed and it was sitting inside the door of the residence … he stated he did grab her right wrist, forcefully, to keep her from closing the door on his foot.”
Wigand’s report states that Taylor did have injuries to his right foot; however, Wigand reports that the injuries to Taylor’s foot “were inconsistent with the way he explained them.” Emergency medical services (EMS) was called to the scene to assess the injuries of both Taylor and the female subject.
“EMS assessed (Taylor’s) injuries and concurred that one part of the injury appeared to be older than the most recent event,” Wigand states in the report. “There were recent injuries on his toes, with little blood. There was no evidence of any blood or other body fluids on the door that was alleged to have been used to cause the injuries.”
According to his report, after he spoke with Taylor Wigand then spoke with the female subject.
“She stated that an argument had ensued and that (Taylor) had been verbally abusive throughout the day … making death threats in front of their children,” the complaint states.
Wigand’s report states that Taylor allegedly told the children that they “would not see mommy much longer.”
The female subject also reportedly told Wigand that she and kids locked themselves in a bedroom at the residence, only exiting the room to go to the bathroom.
“She stated that at approximately 10 p.m., she exited the bedroom with the house phone in her right hand to get a child some juice,” Wigand writes in the complaint. “During this time, she noticed that her cell phone was missing from the kitchen. (She) stated it had recordings of the violence that had been occurring over a period of time.
“She stated at this point (Taylor) grabbed her right wrist … once he had done that she began to run towards the back door. He ran after her, grabbing her by the waist, with her screaming to let her go.”
According to the complaint, it was at this point that the 7-year-old daughter came into the room and the female subject instructed the child to go to the neighbor’s house and get help.
“(The female subject) stated that (Taylor) ran after the daughter to prevent her from leaving as well,” Wigand states. “She further stated that when he went after her daughter, she fled towards the back door, where he then pursued her again, picked her up again and threw her to the floor.”
Taylor then reportedly started to strangle the female subject, according to the complaint.
“She stated that when he let her go, she and her daughter fled the residence through the front door,” Wigand writes in the report. “She was then able to retrieve the broken phone and place a 911 call for help.”
According to his report, Wigand also interviewed the 7-year-old, who corroborated her mother’s statements.
As a precaution, Wigand writes, the female subject was transported to the Johnson City Medical Center for evaluation of her and the fetus.
Taylor was then arrested and charged with domestic violence assault, reckless endangerment, vandalism under $500 and interference with emergency communications.
“After the lawful arrest, the defendant continued to be extremely belligerent,” Wigand also states in the report. “(Taylor) was transported to the Unicoi County Jail for booking. While inside the jail, during the booking process, he began threatening (me) with bodily injury, stating ‘He would take care of me’.”
Taylor was then booked into the jail without further incident.