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Local DAR attends workshop

Members of the Mary Patton chapter Daughters of
the American Revolution attended an all day workshop
in Knoxville on Saturday, Aug. 10.
The workshops were sponsored by the Tennessee
State Society and included specialty workshops for
chapter offi cers as well as workshops for general membership
and prospective members. Over 200 people
attended the workshop and many outstanding suggestions
and ideas were exchanged not only during the
workshops but also over lunch.
The Daughters of the American Revolution is a nonprofi
t, non-political volunteer women’s service organization
dedicated to preserving American history,
securing America’s future through better education
and promoting patriotism. There are over 170,000
members in 3000 chapters in all 50 states, the District
of Columbia and International chapters in at least thirteen
foreign countries.
Any woman 18 years of age or older, regardless of
race, religion or ethnic background, who can prove lineal
descent from a patriot of the American Revolution
is eligible. To learn more visit the DAR public website
( to read about steps to membership and
fi ll out a prospective membership. Talk to local chapter
members in your area. Email inquiries to [email protected]