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Joint Economic Development Board names officers for upcoming year

By Richard Rourk

The Executive Committee of the Joint Economic Development Board of Unicoi County officially named its officers for the upcoming year during the JEDB’s Executive Committee meeting on Feb. 25 at Erwin Town Hall.

Committee members nominated and approved candidates to serve as chairperson, vice chair, secretary and treasurer.

During the Feb. 25 meeting, Lee Brown was unanimously elected to continue as chairman of the committee following a nomination from Unicoi County Mayor Garland “Bubba” Evely and a second by Town of Unicoi Mayor Kathy Bullen.

The committee also voted unanimously to name Mark Lafever as the new vice chairman of the executive committee. Lafever was nominated by Evely and received a second from Town of Erwin Mayor Glenn White. The committee also unanimously named Evely as secretary of the committee following a motion that was made by White and a second made by Bullen.

“I would like to nominate Mayor Evely to serve as secretary,” White said.

Lastly, the committee voted unanimously to name Travis Bishop as treasurer of the committee. The nomination to name Bishop treasurer came from Lafever and a second came from White. “I don’t mean to put him on the spot, but I’d like to name Travis Bishop to serve as treasurer,” Lafever said.

Chairman Brown, Vice Chairman Lafever, Secretary Evely and Treasurer Bishop will begin their term immediately.

Following the naming of officers, the committee discussed several items that the JEDB will look at for the upcoming year.

“We will be looking at retail opportunities, especially one for the Town of Unicoi, soon,” JEDB Executive Director Tyler Engle said. “We will also have more info on lodging opportunities, park studies and updates from local industry in the coming months.”