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Information sought regarding Flag Pond area (for Ramp Festival Tab)

With the Ramp Festival coming up the beginning of May, we are searching for the following information to potentially be included in the Ramp Festival special section that will be published early May:

Can anyone help us identify the following and send contact information? (***NOTE: please send information either via e-mail to:
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
call the office and speak to Brenda, Damaris or Keeli at 423-743-4112.
We would rather not publish personal information such as names and phone numbers for everyone to have access to.)

1. Who is the oldest living resident in the following areas? 2. Would they be willing to speak with a staff member of The Erwin Record and be interviewed and potentially have their photograph made; all of which may be published in the Ramp Festival Tab?

Flag Pond
Rocky Fork
Rice Creek
Devils Fork
Sams Creek
Higgins Creek

Thank you in advance for you help!!!
The Erwin Record Staff