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Haynes: Road salt supply in 'good shape'

A prediction of six weeks of winter on Groundhog’s Day won’t stop the roads of Unicoi County from being prepared for inclement weather.
The area saw scattered showers on Monday, Feb. 2, but the roadways will be clear with the salt supply, according to Unicoi County Superintendent of Roads Terry Haynes.
“We’re in good shape,” he said. “I actually just filled the bins on Friday. We have three contractors we receive salt from – Detroit Salt Company, North American Salt in Knoxville and out of Saltville, Va. So far this winter we’ve used 110 tons worth of salt from November up until now. So we’re during alright.”
The winter has been mild, so far, Hayes said. However, unpredictable weather could show up in the next two months.
“Last year, we used 1,170 tons (of salt),” he added. “It has been mild so far, but that is subject to change.”
Individuals also need to watch for rapidly dropping temperatures during the season, Hayes said.
“It is all about precautionary measures,” he explained. “It is sunny right now, but temperatures drop at night. People need to give themselves extra time in between the drive to and from work.
“We had an instance today where a lady was traveling a little too fast off Limestone Cove on the state road and slid off into a bank. She was fine except for minor vehicle damage. During this time, drivers just need to take their time. In case of any emergencies, it is important to have extra bottles of water and a couple of blankets handy in the car.”