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Grant brings arts to students at Rock Creek Elementary

A class of first-grade students participated in a special project at Rock Creek Elementary on Friday. The class was asked to listen to a song and follow music instructor Evelyn Dwyer’s lead with dance steps. After the students pretended to be sleeping lions, they woke up to practice their new painting skills on masks. “This is a special project for the class because they already finished the first project,” said Nancy Campbell, a teaching artist from Knoxville.

Rock Creek and Love Chapel Elementary are integrating music and art through the Tennessee
Arts Commission’s Arts Education-Mini Grant, in which Dwyer applied for on behalf of the schools.
The dual grant allows the elementary schools to bring in a teaching artist. “We’ve been working on painting technique,” Campbell said.

This past week Campbell worked with students from both schools to build paintbrush usage and paint mixing skills. Most importantly, Campbell said they are learning how to be artists. Also on Friday, Campbell and Dwyer went to Love Chapel to provide a new class of students with the same set of painting skills. The art education grant was written for Campbell to be able to make two separate trips. Friday concluded Campbell’s first week of activities.

She will return to the schools the week of March 19 to build upon this week’s skill set.