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Former UCHS student killed in stabbing

Two juveniles have been charged in a stabbing that occurred around 3 a.m. Sunday morning, according to Carter County Sheriff Chris Mathes.
Elijah McKinney, 16, who attended Unicoi County High School, was pronounced dead, while another 17-year-old juvenile is in critical condition at the Johnson City Medical Center, Mathes said. McKinney is the only juvenile of the four involved in the stabbing whose name is currently being released.
“One of the attackers was charged with second degree murder and aggravated assault,” Mathes said. “The other [juvenile] was charged with tampering with evidence.”
Mathes said there was alcohol involved in the incident.
“They were teenagers that met up together at this house at 212 Cash Hollow Road in Carter County at a party to drink,” Mathes said. “There was an altercation that occurred from them supposedly disrespecting one of their girlfriends.”
Mathes said the two juveniles charged in the attack appeared in court around 1 p.m. Monday, but was unsure of the outcome.
Mathes said they are currently being held at the Johnson City Regional Detention Center.
“We’re still involved in the investigation, but it’s pretty much done,” Mathes said. “We’ll begin preparing for a murder trial.”

By Kayla Carter
Staff Writer
[email protected]