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Former CEO was only employee certified for Long Term Care Post

By Kayla Carter
Staff Reports
[email protected]
With the resignation of former CEO Jim Pate, the long term care unit no longer has a state licensed administrator, it was revealed at Monday’s meeting of the Unicoi County Memorial Hospital Board of Control.
During the meeting, interim CEO Jete Edmisson explained that the hospital has been actively interviewing for an interim position. The hospital has 30 days from the time of Pate’s resignation to hire a new long term care administrator.
“Mr. Pate was the long term administrator,” Edmisson said. “He had a Tennessee license. Requirements are that you must have somebody upon an unexpected leave of the administrator. We are working to try to find an interim person to be able to use their license. There’s nobody within the organization that has the long term care license.”
Edmisson said the person selected to fill the position is to have completed over 400 hours time in a nursing home before a license is given.
“So to be able to meet these state requirements, we’re looking to bring somebody in here on an interim basis so that when you guys make the determination for the final CEO that person may have their license and you won’t be trying to have two positions,” Edmisson said. “We’re looking to see if there is an internal candidate that could be set up to have an administrator’s license.”
Edmisson said the goal is to have the long term care administrator position filled by Thursday. He also said there are two individuals that have been interviewed so far. UCMH Director of Human Services Susan Broyles said during the meeting that the going rate to hire a licensed administrator is around $70,000.
Chief Financial Officer Toni Buchanan gave a brief financial review for the month of June.
During the financial report, Buchanan reported a net loss of, “$250,760 for the month compared to the budgeted loss of $3,868.” She said the contributing factors were higher revenue by $21,810, higher discounts by $538,000 and higher expenses by almost $120,000.
Cash investments were reported to be around $938,000. The net accounts receivable for the month was $3.4 million. “On a side note the total billed in May is almost $2 million,” she said. “Cash collected in May is $1 million.”
The total accounts payable, Buchanan said, was $2.2 million. “Our wages for payroll were $577,578,” she said. “Accounts payable paid was $792,000 and health insurance paid was $67,000.”
Edmisson pointed out that the net accounts receivable was up $1 million because of the recent computer conversion. “One of the goals that [Buchanan] and I have had is how can we get those accounts worked down and back on normal timing,” he said.
The board elected Glenn Tilson as the new chairman.
The next meeting of the Board of Control will be held Aug. 20.