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Force loses veteran officer

The Erwin Police Department is mourning the loss of a man Chief Regan Tilson described as a “very giving” and “very dependable” officer and public servant.
Fred Good, a veteran of the Erwin police force, died on Thursday, Jan. 1, at the Johnson City Medical Center. He was 65.
Good worked full time at the EPD from 1986 until his retirement in 2011 with the rank of captain. Following his retirement, Good returned to the department and served as a part-time officer until he was hospitalized in December.
“Fred participated in training with us during the first week of December,” Tilson told The Erwin Record on Monday, Jan. 5.
Tilson said Good was known for going the extra mile to help anyone in need.
“Fred believed in serving the community,” Tilson said. “He did a lot for people and made that extra effort to help. He would even fix the cars for people who had broken down on the side of the road.”
Good’s willingness to help didn’t stop when he was off duty, Tilson also said.
“I can recall several times that Fred would go home after working third shift, pick up his tools and go back out to help someone in need,” he added. “That was just who Fred was. He made a point to help people, both on duty and off.”
Good’s decades of experience was also an asset to the department.
“Fred was a very experienced officer,” Tilson said, “and he used his experience to diffuse situations that could have gotten out of control. He knew how to talk to people and he always treated everyone he encountered with respect.
“For this and many other reasons, Fred was a positive influence on our younger officers. … He will definitely be missed.”
Tilson also said Good was known for his loyalty to his fellow officers.
“Fred always had your back – no matter what,” he added.
Good also served as chief of the South Side Volunteer Fire Department.
Funeral services for Good were held on Jan. 4. The burial took place the following day. Valley Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements.
Tilson said he would like to thank the Unicoi County Sheriff’s Department for their support by covering patrols so EPD officers could attend Good’s funeral services.
“The sheriff’s department has been very kind,” Tilson said. “We appreciate their support and assistance.”