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Food Safety for Farmers educational meeting scheduled

Food safety is critical for farmers selling any kind of produce. Many grocery stores and restaurants are now requiring growers to meet strict food safety guidelines. A “Food Safety for Farmers” educational meeting will be held on Monday, June 3 at 1:00 pm at the new Town of Unicoi Welcome Center (106 Unicoi Village Place) in Unicoi, TN.

Dr. Faith Critzer, Food Safety Specialist for The University of Tennessee Extension, will lead the training session. The meeting is designed for any fruit or vegetable growers who want to learn more about food safety on the farm and meet food safety training requirements for specific markets.

This meeting is free. Participants will receive publications and tools to promote food safety practices on their farm. Pre-registration is not required. Contact the UT Extension office in Unicoi County at 423-735-1637 for more information.