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Facility expansion underway at Governor's Bend

Free Will Baptist Family Ministries’ (FWBFM) Governors Bend Assisted Living is in the process of a long-anticipated expansion to its Erwin facilities.
The expansion will be an 8-room addition on the rear of the current building. Six of the rooms will be 1-bedroom facilities and the remaining two will be 2-bedroom suites. The total size of the addition will be 6,700 square feet.
The expansion is of substantial size according to Colleen Cox, marketing director for FWBFM. The current building is around 50,000 square feet in size. The contractor doing the work is J.A. Street.
The project got started back at the beginning of October and construction has been proceeding smoothly. The completion date has been set for the end of April 2015.
“We kind of got started on this project back in July,” said Cox. “Talks of this were even started some six months before that, but back in July, the drawings and sketches and such were started for that expansion … it’s because the turnout for people utilizing this service in our area has been just tremendous.
“A lot of people in our area and even in surrounding and existing areas have been very receptive of Governors Bend; they’ve been really excited about the services, the environment here, and what seniors can actually get here.”
Cox said that Governors Bend is a much different type of facility as compared to most nursing homes or similar facilities. At Governors Bend, residents can still enjoy an element of independence while still being within virtual arm’s reach of assistance should they need it. Cox said that some residents still drive and have vehicles parked in the parking lot.
Cox also attributes the warm atmosphere generated by the residents and nurses as a big draw for applicants.
“With that turnout being so successful, we realized from the very beginning of opening up the building that there would be an expansion at some point in time,” said Cox. “Honestly, the building was full within maybe just six months of opening and it was kind of always talked that ‘Gosh, maybe we need to expand to serve the others that we’re having to keep on a waiting list.’ ”
Governors Bend currently has 52 rooms and the expansion will bump them to 60. In addition to the expansion of the current facility, the idea of adding patio homes has been discussed in recent months.
“Our Board of Trustees wants to expand and grow our business here in Erwin; we realize that there is a need for what we do here in Erwin,” said Cox. “[The patio homes] are being discussed. I know that we have been doing a little bit of legwork already just trying to see how that would go and how the roadways and such would go. I know that it is in talks, but it’s not anything that has been approved.
“We just want to provide more space so that we can help more people and just let people utilize our service.”