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Erwin’s NFS awarded $57.5 million contract to prepare for uranium conversion and purification services

From Staff Reports

LYNCHBURG, VIRGINA – BWX Technologies, Inc. announced today that its Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc. (NFS) subsidiary has received a $57.5 million contract from the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) to prepare for future highly enriched uranium (HEU) conversion and purification services.

Under this contract, NFS will provide a final design and pilot process demonstration using natural or depleted uranium (DU) to convert oxide to purified HEU metal. Because NNSA needs a bridging capability for conversion of oxide to purified HEU metal, NFS will design a process that could provide uranium purification and conversion services during the ‘bridge’ period until the Y-12 National Security Complex re-establishes a future oxide conversion capability.

“As an NRC-licensed Category 1 nuclear facility, NFS is uniquely qualified to meet the needs of NNSA by providing it with expanded HEU processing capability,” said Joel Duling, BWXT Nuclear Operations Group, Inc. president. “We are proud to utilize our existing operational infrastructure, security framework and workforce expertise to provide this bridging capability as Y-12 continues its modernization efforts and role as our nation’s Uranium Center of Excellence.”

Work will begin immediately under this firm-fixed price contract. NNSA previously announced its intent to award a contract for this work. In that announcement, NNSA stated, “To support its full range of mission needs, the NNSA’s Uranium Program Office is seeking an industry partner to provide uranium purification capabilities. NNSA requires that the purification and conversion capabilities provided by the contractor allow for HEU materials of various forms (such as metal and oxide) to be purified and converted to a safe metal form that meets government specification.”