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Erwin BMA approves interlocal agreement for ambulance service

An approval of an interlocal agreement for ambulance services between Unicoi County and the Town of Erwin for four years was approved by the Erwin Board of Mayor and Aldermen during a regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, April 27.
The agreement comes on the heels of the county and MedicOne Medical Response signing a new contract in early April.
The interlocal agreement passed with unanimous support. The only changes from the past agreement were a correction to ‘vice-mayor’ in reference to Erwin Mayor Doris Hensley and a new sentence to the agreement helping provide security to the town, according to City Recorder Glenn Rosenoff.
In the agreement, a sentence was added, stating that if MedicOne does not address a complaint from the town to the town’s satisfaction, Erwin can opt out of the agreement upon a 90-day written notice provided to the county. The agreement was passed along to town attorney Tom Seeley III, county mayor Greg Lynch and emailed to county attorney Doug Shults, according to Rosenoff.
“This provides the Town of Erwin with a little more protection,” he added. “Other than that sentence, the agreement is consistent with the previous agreement.”
Before passing, Alderwoman Sue Jean Wilson addressed the issue of AEDs (automated external defibrillator) in Erwin and in the contract stating that they would be in “strategically placed locations.”
Rosenoff added that the town already has their own AEDs in place. Erwin Police Chief Regan Tilson also said that he believed that AEDs have already been placed in the county courthouse and with the county sheriff’s department
“We have our own at the police department,” Tilson said, “but we’ve talked at length with MedicOne about getting AEDs placed in the schools and at Fishery Park. It’s in the works. They’ve provided them in the past and they’re currently working on providing more.”
• • •
Keeping with Fishery Park, BMA members also voted unanimously to continue their operation and service agreement between the town and the Unicoi County Family YMCA in regards to the Fishery Park swimming pool.
• • •
Added to the agenda was the passing of a 2010 International truck for $38,000, which, once in place, a knuckle boom will be added.
Money will be allotted to make the purchase with savings from the town, including $17,000 to $18,000 less than what the town budgeted for salt in 2014.
“I’m not saying it is a wash,” Rosenoff said, “but the purchase will be absorbed into the budget and we will not have to amend the budget to purchase the vehicle.”
• • •
The next scheduled BMA meeting is set for May 11.