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Erwin’s Under The Apple Tree to host zombie-human showdown

From Staff Reports
Erwin will play host to a showdown between humans and zombies on Saturday, July 28.
The showdown is the first “Radio Z” “Humans vs. Zombies” board game, planned for Under The Apple Tree, 214 S. Main Ave, Erwin.
The event is set to begin at 2 p.m., according to a press release issued by the event coordinators.
“Radio Z” is described as “a comedy thriller about the end of the world,” by Joy Everlasting Productions, which has roots in Johnson City, Unicoi, and Erwin. The press release noted that a large number of local residents were involved, and professionals donated hundreds of hours to the project.
The game will be played on a giant board based on the town of Erwin; each player will be his or her own game piece.
According to the press release, players start the game as humans, with nothing but a brain. During their turns, players work to collect key items or powers, trade items with other players and trigger events that could turn the competition into “zombies.”
Under the rules of the game, zombies cannot be killed, but can be distracted with various items. Players can also get energy from other items to run away in an emergency.
“Items can be found just about anywhere – at the end of the world people panic and stick valuables in the strangest places – but keep in mind that you’re not likely to find an inflatable raft at the courthouse, for example,” game coordinator A.J. Rose said in the press release. “Items will usually start out in their most likely places.”
The game includes trivia questions, clues and more; zombies 11 and younger will automatically get one trivia clue, if they want it.
The round ends when one human remains. Prizes are given and then new players join in. “Depending on how many people we have playing, you could re-play one or several times. We’ll keep playing even after all prizes are given out, if players are left to play,” Rose said.
The release notes that prizes will be given to the “Zombie Who Turns the Most Humans;” the “Human Who Rescues the Most Survivors;” and the “Human Who Lasts Longest Without Getting ‘Bitten.”
Rose said that, during the game, a scene or two from “Radio Z” will be previewed.
The event will be held rain or shine. The cost is $5 per player. Children 12 and under must have a parent playing or watching on the sidelines. Players must be able to read. Watching on the sidelines is free.
For more information, check out or look for RADIO Z on Facebook.