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Enthusiasm for Onewheel recreation arrives in Unicoi County

Photo by Richard Rourk • Matt Moses gets reading to go Onewheeling.

By Richard Rourk

The future of personal transportation has arrived in Unicoi County.

USA Raft Adventure Resort in Erwin is home to Onewheel in the Appalachian Highlands and beyond. “We are the only place that offers Onewheels for sale and Onewheel classes,” USA Raft Adventure Resort CEO Matt Moses told The Erwin Record. “We are the only Onewheel training class that is insured and that is huge.”

According to Moses, the Onewheel was created by skateboarders, snowboarders and surfers.

“They took their idea to Silicon Valley to create an electrical personal transportation device that’s powerful enough to take on pavement, grass, gravel, dirt and even tightly-packed sand,” Moses said. “The onewheel is a board that you balance on and control with side to side movements.”

USA Raft has created a Onewheel team that is made up of riders from eight years old all the way up to fifty one. The team is set to compete in Bentonville, Arkansas for one of the last national events of the year.

“I am actually the current Master Division champ and hope to extend that to the World’s Best competition in Tahoe.”

Moses is proud to introduce the community to Onewheel. “We have a off road trail right here on site at USA Raft Adventure Resort and if you can master it, you can ride anywhere,” Moses said. “We actually offer a free lesson when you purchase a Onewheel from us. We want you to be safe and experienced before you hit the trail. This truly is for all ages. We also offer free demos for those interested in trying Onewheels out.”

According to Moses, Onewheels are another way to give families something to do.

“We have such amazing trails and so much beauty here and to be able to hop on a Onewheel and ride through town or on a nature trail with family and friends is a one of a kind experience,” Moses said. “We have people come from as far as Knoxville and beyond to ride here and spend the day and money at our local businesses. I had one family come all the way from New York just for the Onewheel and now they come back to Unicoi County yearly.”

For more information about Onewheel or to rent or purchase one, please visit USA Raft, 2 Jones Branch Road, in Erwin during normal business hours of call 800-872-7238 to schedule a Onewheel lesson.