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Election results update

All precincts except Flag Pond and Limestone Cove have reported to the Unicoi County Election Commission.

According to the unofficial results in the race for Unicoi County Mayor, Greg Lynch has received 1,438 votes; Larry Rose has received 1,427 votes.

In the race for the three seats in the 2nd District on the Unicoi County Commission Kenneth Garland received 644 votes; Jason Harris received 594 votes; Glenn White received 705 votes; Rob Martin received 274 votes; and Richard A. “Rick” Smith 229 votes.

In the race for Unicoi County School Board in the 1st District: Garland “Bubba” Evely received 529 votes; Victor Price received 283 votes; and Cathy Thomas received 327 votes.

In the race for Unicoi County School Board in the 3rd District: Dwight Bennett has received 565 votes; Troy Clark received 258 votes; Norman D. O'Dell has received 351 votes; and Steve Willis has received 442 votes.

Tony Clark is leading the race for District Attorney with 1,963 votes; Dan Smith has received 922 votes.

In the race of Republican State Executive Committeeman, Kent Harris has received 1,111 votes; Kelly Wolfe has received 1,398.

In the race for Tennessee House 4th Representative District, John B. Holsclaw, Jr., has received 1,253 votes; Judy R. Veeneman has received 1,131 votes.

9:10 p.m.