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Drugs reportedly discovered in inmate's mail

Two individuals were recently arrested by the Unicoi County Sheriff’s Department for allegedly attempting to sneak drugs into the Unicoi County Jail.
According to an affidavit of complaint written by Chief Deputy Frank Rogers, jail employees discovered drugs concealed in an envelope while inspecting incoming mail at the facility. The drugs were identified as suboxone film – a schedule III substance.
The envelope was reportedly addressed to Brittany D. Carter, who was an inmate at the jail.
“Brittany Carter confessed that she had been part of a plan to introduce drugs into the jail via mail,” Rogers said. The return address on the envelope and the name for the return was found to be incorrect after an investigation into the location.”
According to Rogers, investigators then reviewed the phone numbers Carter had called from the jail.
“Carter’s phone calls revealed a phone number for a male individual who was identified as Scotty L. Greene,” Rogers also said. “These phone calls corroborated the suspicion of the investigators that Scotty Greene was most likely the individual who had sent the letter containing the drugs.”
Greene reportedly met with investigators for questioning and said he had been part of the plan to introduce drugs into the jail, Rogers said. Greene also reportedly told investigators that he was responsible for purchasing the drugs illegally from a co-conspirator who assisted him in concealing the drugs in the envelope before they were mailed to Carter.
Greene has been charged with introduction of contraband into a penal facility and conspiracy to introduce drugs into a penal facility.
Carter has been charged with conspiracy to introduce drugs into a penal facility.