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Drive-by suspect indicted

The man accused of firing a shotgun from his vehicle at two men was one of several individuals indicted by a Unicoi County grand jury during its session on Jan. 10.
Shortly before 1 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 10, Erwin police were dispatched to the scene of a reported drive-by shooting at 415 Jackson Ave. The shooter was said to be driving a silver Honda Civic, Erwin Police Chief Regan Tilson previously said.
Captain Daryl Price arrived minutes after receiving the call. Officer Eric Allen and Tilson also responded to the scene. Upon their arrival, the officers spoke with the two men who had been allegedly fired upon. According to Tilson, the two men identified the shooter as Howard “Sonny” Metcalf, 53, 312 Jackson Ave.
“[One of the victims] said he was leaning against his vehicle talking to his cousin when Mr. Metcalf drove by in a silver Honda Civic 15 feet away on the roadway and shouted at one of the men,” Tilson reported. “Metcalf then shot once from a shotgun. The blast just missed their heads by inches.”
The shot reportedly struck the top of a victim’s vehicle causing damage to the vehicle.
“The shot was also in the direction of children who were playing at 100 Railroad St., approximately 75 feet away across the railroad tracks,” Tilson also said.

For the remainder of this story please see the January 22, 2014 edition of The Erwin Record.