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Downtown revitalization project enters bid process

Leaders of the downtown Erwin revitalization project and potential general and sub-contractors met for a pre-bid meeting to address items included in phase one of construction.
David Coode, a project manager with Nashville-based engineering firm Kimley-Horne and Associates, led the presentation by first outlining expectations and then taking questions from contractors.
“This first phase of construction goes from Second Avenue and the redevelopment of that intersection all the way down to Gay Street intersection,” Coode said. “There are a few elements to Gay Street construction because that’s our transition point for the first phase. Our goal is for next year to pick up at that transition point and finish out the downtown all the way to Love Street in the second construction phase.”
One of the more important elements of phase one will be sidewalks, Coode said. He said extra attention to sidewalks will be required of any sub-contractor.
“There is a lot of sidewalk concrete finish work in this project,” Coode said. “That area is where it may be just standard concrete, but finish is what everybody will base the review of the project on.”
The quality of the refurbished sidewalks will depend on the contractor’s attention to detail and quality of the finish work, Coode said.
“If the concrete isn’t quality finish then everybody will say that it looks as good as it does today,” Coode said.
Coode told contractors that testing the concrete’s quality at each juncture of construction will be necessary, but some contractors worried it would increase the cost of the project for the town.
Phase one project supervisor, Gary Tysinger of Tysinger, Hampton and Partners said monthly meetings will be set up during the construction.
“We will set up monthly meetings and we would like to have the pay request in before the monthly meeting so that we can have quantities and things of that nature,” Tysinger said.
All bids for the first phase of construction are due back April 2 and the Erwin Board of Mayor and Aldermen are set to select and approve contractors at the April 8 meeting. Also, an addendum outlining what is expected from various contractors was sent out after the meeting by Kimley-Horne representatives.

For the remainder of this article please see the April 2, 2013 edition of The Erwin Record.