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Deputies discover meth lab

According to the Unicoi County Sheriff’s Department, a domestic call led to the discovery of a meth lab, as well as components used to manufacture methamphetamine on Sunday, Dec. 14.
Deputies were dispatched to 1709 Jonesborough Road to answer a complaint of a domestic disturbance, Sheriff Mike Hensley said. At the scene, the deputies reportedly encountered Dustin S. Norton, 28, and Jessica Norton, 23, both of 1709 Jonesborough Road.
“Upon arrival and during the investigation, officers discovered apparatuses used in the production of methamphetamine,” Hensley added. “Additionally, deputies found precursors and materials used to manufacture methamphetamine.”
Hensley said officers performed a search of the Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force database for both individuals, which revealed that both had recently purchased the drug pseudoephedrine. Pseudoephedrine is a precursor used in the production of meth.
Also found during a search of the residence were lithium, rubber tubing and ammonium nitrate, which are also used in the production of meth, according to Hensley.
Dustin S. Norton and Jessica North were both charged with promoting the manufacture of methamphetamine, four counts of child endangerment, maintaining a dwelling where drugs are used or sold and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Hensley also said an arrest warrant has been issued for William Hopson, 34, of 1320 Goodman Loop, Mosheim. Hopson is currently in custody in Greene County.
“This individual is charged with initiating the process to manufacture methamphetamine and promoting the manufacture of methamphetamine.”
Hensley said a hold has been placed on Hopson, who will be transferred to Unicoi County when he is released by Greene County.