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County leaders make resolutions

As they ring in a new year, County Mayor Greg Lynch and Commission Chairman Sue Jean Wilson say they are looking forward to 2011 as a year to make both personal and professional changes.
Now in his second term as county mayor, Lynch said plans to continue working for the county’s best interests while taking a little more personal time for himself, his family and his health.
“I’m gonna do my job, no questions asked,” he said. “That’s not a resolution. That’s a mandate.”
He added, however, that he plans to eat healthier, exercise more, stay calmer, get better organized and “live like I was dying.”
“It seems like for the last four years, every day has been a repeat of the last day,” Lynch said. “I want my life to be a little less routine this year. I’m 56 years old, and it’s time to start living a little.”
To clarify, Lynch said he has been working so hard at his post as county mayor that he hasn’t made as much time for friends, family and free time.
“To a certain extent, you have to be on a routine,” he said. “One of my problems is that in my first term, I let my job rule my life. This year, I’d like to interject a little more family time. After I was re-elected, it was a relief because it was kind of like getting a good report card. I’m still going to do my job to the best of my ability, but now I feel more relaxed and confident.”
Lynch wants to see more attention focused on Unicoi County.
“I want to work with various agencies so that Unicoi County gets its fair share of grants and other opportunities,” the mayor said. “I hope to work on bringing in more tourism and retail also.
“Now that I’m in my second term, I feel like I can focus more on promoting the county.”
Likewise, Wilson said she plans on making some positive changes and meeting a few goals in 2011. In fact, her New Year’s resolution is to better serve the taxpayers of Unicoi County.
“I want to strive to see that the three government entities in Unicoi County continue working together for the betterment of our citizens,” she said, “and to regain the trust of our residents.”
Wilson clarified that there have been several situations involving county government officials and public offices that have caused a breach of trust with the people of Unicoi County.
“In the past few years, there have been several situations that did not end with a clear cut decision,” she said. “In dealing with the welfare of Unicoi County residents and being responsible for proper use of their tax dollars, there have been situations in which there were unanswered questions.”
Wilson, who was voted chairman of the county commission by her fellow commissioners, said that in 2011, she hopes to account for tax dollars wisely.
“I would hope that in the new year, all government officials will strive to keep the citizens informed and to see that their tax dollars are used more wisely,” she said.
“I wish each and every resident a prosperous and happy New Year,” she said.