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CORRECTION to “Mayors look ahead to new year” article

Some information in The Erwin Record's Jan. 15 issue, from the article entitled “Mayors look ahead to new year,” was inaccurate. In the opening of the article, Mayor Greg Lynch is referring to county records storage and not inmates. Also, the jail, dispatch and Unicoi County Sheriff's Department issues will require usage of county funds, however the county records storage issue is expected to be funded with fees through courthouse services.
The article should read:
He also said along with renovations needed in the UCSD office, dispatch office and jail, county records may need to be moved for a third time.
“Also we may need to, if they redo the jail, we may end up having to move [the county records] again for the third time,” Lynch said. “We’ve got to keep the [the county records] in a secure and dry place and it could be that we would rent, buy or build a building.”
The Erwin Record regrets the error.