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Cody Scott will replace Wilcox in county’s 3rd District

Photo courtesy of Kayla Hackney/Johnson City Press Cody Scott will represent the county’s 3rd District on the Unicoi County Commission, replacing Todd Wilcox who stepped down in November.

By Richard Rourk

The Unicoi County Commission chose a replacement for Commissioner Todd Wilcox, who stepped down on Nov. 22, during the body’s meeting on Monday, Jan. 24.

The commission voted to name Cody Scott to finish Wilcox’s term as a representative for the 3rd District of Unicoi County. 

Scott, who has worked on his family’s farm since he was 12 years old, said he looks forward to serving the county where he was raised. 

“I began to have an appreciation for the amount of hard work and planning and foresight that went into running a business,” Scott said of his experience with his family’s Scott’s Farms. 

Scott was chosen in a competitive race that stretched for four rounds of voting. 

The commission voted by roll call with five yes votes needed to win. Commissioner Stephen Hendrix was absent so only seven commissioners were voting. 

Bryan Merritt, Bridget Peters, Cody Scott, Troy Kearny and Adam Howard were nominated to fill the vacant seat. During the first round of voting, Merritt got three votes while Peters and Scott each got two votes. During the second round of voting, Scott got three votes, while Peters and Merritt each got two votes. 

Merritt received four votes to Scott’s three votes during the third round of voting. 

Scott won unanimously on the fourth and final round of voting.