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BREAKING NEWS: Sale of UCMH delayed by Tennessee Attorney General

Sale of UCMH delayed by Tennessee Attorney General

By Keeli Parkey
Staff Writer
The Erwin Record has just learned that the Tennessee Attorney General has delayed the sale of Unicoi County Memorial Hospital to Mountain States Health Alliance.

A press release emailed to The Erwin Record from the Unicoi County Memorial Hospital Board of Control states that the board was notified today by the Tennessee Attorney General “that there are three concerns that will delay approval of the sale of UCMH to Mountain States Health Alliance.”

According to the press release, the three concerns are: the Attorney General’s office “wants the transaction to be approved by both the city and county; they want the board to hold additional public meetings to thoroughly discuss our reasons for choosing the MSHA proposal and they want assurance that the proposed total of $1.5 million in funds to be contributed to the city and county by MSHA will be used for healthcare purposes only.”

The press release goes on to state that the board “stands by its earlier decision that the proposal from MSHA best meets the needs of all the county residents, and it is the only one that fulfills all of the requirements set forth by the board in its initial RFP [request for proposal]. We are confident that any objective review of the documents will lead to the same conclusion.”

The press release also states that the board plans to immediately begin working with the Attorney General’s office in order to comply with the recommendations.

“We have made it known to the state officials that the hospital’s line of credit with MSHA is nearly exhausted, and the hospital is in dire financial straits,” the press release states. “We hope that the (Attorney General) will allow us to move quickly to rectify any remaining concerns from the (Attorney General) in order to keep our community hospital from closing.”

For more on this story, pick up the July 2 edition of The Erwin Record.