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Boogie Machine on schedule to play for Dog Days Riverfest Debut

By Ty Butler

Daniel Byrd’s journey from New York to East Tennessee wasn’t planned, but that hasn’t stopped the lead singer of Boogie Machine from reaching new heights after his unexpected detour in the Volunteer State eventually led to an extended stay.

After embarking on a nationwide honeymoon trip, Byrd and his wife, Kip Borodzik, discovered upper East Tennessee and ultimately decided to settle down in the Volunteer State.

“Tennessee is the best place in the country, and this is where we want to be,” said Byrd.

Not long after, Byrd introduced Borodzik to her first drum set.

After receiving the gift, Borodzik immediately discovered a passion that the two would eventually share.

“It was kind of the same thing that happened to me after being introduced to music. It just lit something inside her and she’s running with it,” said Byrd.

Today, Byrd and Borodzik share more than the same front door — they play in the same band, with Botodzik occupying drumming duties for the Buffalo-based group.

On Saturday, Aug. 6, Byrd and Borodzik will lean into their signature blues and soul sound as they take the stage at the much-anticipated Dog Days Riverfest event.

Byrd says attendees should expect to hear a combination of cover music and original songs throughout Boogie Machine’s setlist.

He also notes that Boogie Machine is working on an album release, but much of the material has been tabled until the band officially records the songs.

“I think it gives us a better opportunity to reach more people with the music and I suspect we’ll be getting on the road with that.”