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Baker resigns as alderman

Citing a possible conflict of interest created by a new job, Michael Baker resigned his post as an alderman for the town of Erwin.
Baker announced his resignation during a meeting of the Erwin Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Monday, Jan. 25, at Town Hall.
In a letter sent to Mayor Doris Hensley, Baker states: “I regret to inform you but effective at the adjournment of our Jan. 25, 2016, Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting I will no longer be an alderman for the town of Erwin.
“The reason for my resignation is I have accepted a position with a company that does a great deal of business with the town of Erwin,” Baker continues in the letter. “I feel that it would be against our Code of Ethics and a conflict of interest if I were to be employed by this business and be on the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.”
City Recorder Glenn Rosenoff said the BMA will likely consider the appointment of an individual to complete Baker’s term at its next meeting.
Baker also thanked his supporters in the letter.
“I would like to personally thank the 703 individuals that cast a vote for me when I was running for this position,” he writes. “In my time as alderman, I learned a lot about local government and how much the town of Erwin does for its constituents. Although my time as alderman has come to an end, my passion for public service is still very strong. I plan on staying active within the town of Erwin and volunteering on its various boards. I have plans on running for another local public office in the future, and I hope that voters will support me in that endeavor.”