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Auxiliary deputy suspended after stun-gun incident

An auxiliary deputy for the Unicoi County Sheriff’s Department was suspended over the weekend after Erwin police said he used a stun gun to shock a man during the fall festival event at Erwin’s Center on Aging and Health.
Bobby Scalf, 61, of Erwin, was charged with aggravated assault on Friday and served with a criminal summons by the Erwin Police Department.
According to EPD reports, Scalf attended Friday’s festival, where he approached Robert Paul Adams II, of the Unicoi Volunteer Fire Department, who was talking with three other individuals.
Reports went on to indicate that Scalf used a stun gun to shock Adams on his left buttock. Adams reported to police that the shock caused his knees to buckle and rendered him incapable of speaking.
Adams also reported that Scalf, who serves as a volunteer deputy for the sheriff’s department, was dared by someone to shock him.
Police reports indicated that an officer examined the area where Adams said he was shocked and found “two swollen circular-shaped places” on Adams’ left buttock. “There was also redness around the area,” the report said.
UCSD Chief Deputy Ronnie Adkins said the stun gun Scalf was accused of using was not issued by the sheriff’s department, but was rather a purchased item that Scalf had bought for himself.
Erwin Police Chief Regan Tilson indicated that the equipment was a stun gun that required the user to make contact with someone, not a traditional Taser, which fires electrodes attached to long, thin wires.
Adkins also said Scalf had been suspended from the department, but stated that he did not believe there was any intent on Scalf’s part to harm Adams.
Scalf is scheduled to appear in Unicoi County Criminal Court on Nov. 3.