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ARE food packages available

There are eight food packages available this month from the Area Resource Exchange.
Food may be ordered by anyone as there are no restrictions. Orders may be placed at the Clinchfield Senior Adult Center or at Peavy’s Signs & Designs by Jan. 8. Payment may be made in cash, check or food stamps (EBT) when you order.
The January Regular Package includes fully cooked roasted chicken breast, Pollock fish fillets, Tyson seasoned steak strips, fully cooked roasted chicken thighs, Mrs. Smith apple pie, whole frozen strawberries, 3 pounds of potatoes, oranges and additional fruits and vegetables. Cost is $20 EBT or $21 cash.
The Barbecue Chicken Package includes four pounds fully cooked pulled chicken with barbecue sauce. Cost is $11 EBT or $12 cash.
The Steak Package includes eight 6-ounce boneless Ribeye steaks. Cost is $16 EBT or $17 cash.
The Super Bowl Package includes two pounds breaded onion petals, 12 ounces cocktail franks, 3/4-pound fully cooked meatballs, four 3-ounce chicken egg rolls, four 3-ounce beef egg rolls, 13 ounces breaded chicken breast nuggets, 12 ounces all-beef jumbo hot dogs and 10 ounces shaved honey ham deli meat. Cost is $20 EBT or $21 cash.
The Breakfast Package includes 40 Jimmy Dean snack-size sausage biscuits. Cost is $12.00 EBT or $13 cash.
The Nutri Grain Bars Package includes 48 Kellogg’s blueberry bars, individually wrapped and labeled. Cost is $15 EBT or $16 cash.
The Suppertime Package Package includes large-size lasagna with meat sauce, grilled chicken breast Alfredo with pasta, beef strips with mashed potatoes and vegetables, beef ravioli, chicken parmesan with pasta, manicotti and turkey ala king with rice and vegetables. Cost is $22 EBT or cash.
The Shrimp Package includes 2 pounds breaded ready-to-cook shrimp. Cost is $10 EBT or $11 cash.
Orders must be placed before Jan. 8. When is at the senior center. For more information, call Bruce Shawver at 388-8158.