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Angie Williams sentenced to 90 Days in Jail

Despite calls for leniency from a parade of friends and family, Judge Lynn Brown followed through on his warning and sentenced Angie Williams to 90 days in jail in Unicoi County Criminal Court Thursday.

Williams was in court for a sentencing hearing after pleading guilty to theft over $10,000 on Dec. 3. During the hearing Brown told Williams to bring a toothbrush to the sentencing because she may be sent to jail that day.

“Ms. Williams you probably ought to bring a toothbrush that day because, if you’re treated like everybody else, you’re going to jail that day,” Brown previously said.

Brown recalled the statement during sentencing Thursday, saying she should go to jail immediately.

“I told her when she plead guilty in December, bring a toothbrush,” Brown said. “It’s been over a year since she stole this money, and she should go to jail today.”

Brown denied Jim Bowman’s, William’s attorney, request for a 30-day postponement of execution of the sentence, and Williams, in tears, was handcuffed and led out of the courtroom.

Williams was sentenced to 90 days in Unicoi County Jail with 10 years of probation. She was also ordered to pay $8,790 in restitution funds to the Unicoi County School System.

Williams was originally accused of stealing $21,000 from the school system. She paid that money back within hours of an announcement of the crime. The restitution she was ordered to pay Thursday was to cover costs involved in additional audits required to investigate the missing funds.