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8:47 p.m. Precinct Reporting

Temple Hill, Intermediate School and the Unicoi County Gas Company precincts have just reported. The updated totals, which include early and absentee voting, are as follows:

Unicoi County mayor: Greg Lynch, 1,954; Johnny Day, 881.

Sheriff: Mike Hensley, 1,573; Jim Lengel, 739; Tony Buchanan, 652.

County Clerk: Mitzi Bowen, 1,530; Patty Treadway, 1,415.

1st District Commissioner: Joey Bailey, 328; Marie Shelton Rice, 571; Loren Thomas, 351; Stacy Wigand, 328; Gene Wilson, 393.

2nd District Commissioner: Brian D. Delp, 410; Kenneth E. Garland, 464; Jason Harris, 490; Bill Hensley, 409; Glenn White, 548; Donald “Stephen” Wilson, 240.

3rd District Commissioner: Kenneth S. Calain, 205; Walter J. Garland, 484; James A. McLellan, 342; John W. Mosley, 435; Bridget Peters, 328.

These totals are unofficial.

May 6, 2014 8:47 p.m.