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8:20 p.m. Early voting & absentee votes reported

Early voting and absentee votes have just been reported.
In the race for Unicoi County Mayor Greg Lynch received 1,583 votes and Johnny Day received 695 votes.
1st District County Commission: Joey Bailey, 256; Marie Shelton Rice, 445; Loren Thomas, 267; Stacy Wigand, 271; Gene Wilson, 323.
2nd District County Commission: Brian Delp, 291; Kenneth Garland, 377; Jason Harris, 389; Bill Hensley, 327; Glenn White, 409; Donald “Stephen” Wilson, 184.
3rd District County Commission: Kenneth S. Calain, 167; Walter J. Garland, 424; James A. McLellan, 296; John W. Mosley, 373; Bridget Peters, 274.
Unicoi County Clerk: Mitzi Bowen, 1,269; Patty Treadway, 1,107.
Unicoi County Sheriff: Mike Hensley, 1,240; Tony Buchanan, 543; Jim Lengel, 607.

May 6, 2014 8:20 p.m.