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Law enforcement drains quarry in search for Vance

Lucas Vance, 35, was reportedly last seen on Oct. 30 in Marbleton. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is now assisting on the case. Anyone with information is asked to call 743-1850. (Photo contributed by law enforcement)

By Richard Rourk

More than three weeks have passed since anyone has heard from Unicoi County resident Lucas “Luc” Vance.

Vance was last seen on Oct. 29, and the last contact with him was made after midnight on Oct. 30 in the Marbleton community of Unicoi County.

According to Unicoi County Sheriff Mike Hensley, there is no new information about Vance’s whereabouts.

“On Nov. 16, we searched the area between Leach Road and Little Mountain Road again,” Hensley said. “This morning TBI is at my office conducting polygraph examinations. My investigators are interviewing friends and known associates of Luc. I have called in sonar specialist to search ponds that are in close proximity of Marbleton Road, and we are conducting this search at this time. We have not received any more information on Luc. We are using every resource possible to find Luc and following every lead. I ask for prayers for Luc and his family. We will not quit until we find him.”

Hensley acknowledged that there were more searches planned, but did not provide specific details.

“We will be checking more ponds and more bodies of water,” Hensley said. “We will keep investigating and searching until we find something; we are not going to quit.”

Hensley confirmed on Tuesday, Nov. 19, that sonar did pick up something in a quarry in Unicoi County and a cadaver dog got a hit on the same quarry. UCSD was searching the quarry in question as of The Erwin Record’s press deadline.

“We do not want to get anyone’s hopes up,” Hensley said. “All this means is that something that was deceased was in that body of water; it could be a deer or another wild animal, but we will keep searching until we find something.”

Vance, 35, is 5 feet, 2 inches tall and weighs 190 pounds. He has short hair and green eyes.

If you have any new information, please contact the UCSD at 743-1850.