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Senior Center News – Heart health, tax assistance events on calendar

By Kerry Taylor

February usually brings us more cold weather and winter doldrums. But your Clinchfield Senior Adult Center is here to help warm you up!

Once again, please call on snow days because we are operating on a new schedule in 2019.

Thanks for everyone’s help getting Erwin ready for the Yarn Bomb. We will be working on a new knitting project in February. Don’t forget to check out our library – we get new books from time to time.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are focusing on the heart in February. Be sure to come by for help on heart-healthy living. Come with friends and stay for lunch!

Love Your Heart!

Thursdays from 9:30-10:30 a.m.

This month show your heart some love with Rachel York from UT Extension! Learn ways to keep your heart strong with exercise and nutrition. This series will be fun, interactive and helpful for all ages.

• Week 1 (Feb. 7 ) Exercise: We all know that exercise is important for our health, but what is the best workout for your heart? Let’s take a walk through the Senior Center fitness room to see what equipment is the most helpful for your heart health.

• Week 2 (Feb. 14) Nutrition: Valentine’s Day can only mean one thing- chocolate!  Are sweets allowed if you are worried about your heart?  Enjoy a healthy food demonstration that will hit your sweet tooth!  We will also discuss other common ways you can keep a healthy diet.

• Week 3 (Feb. 21)  Making a Plan for Your Heart: Having a healthy heart means making small decisions about your health every day. In our closing session, we will connect what we’ve learned about diet and exercise, along with other factors like working with your healthcare professional, including your family, and more.

AARP Tax Aide

Feb. 11 & March 12

AARP Tax Assistance is available annually at the Clinchfield Senior Adult Center during tax season by appointment only. 

Please call the center at 743-5111 and ask for an AARP Tax Aide appointment.