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Resident selling masks ‘as a way to help’ during pandemic

Erwin resident Jacqueline Price Hoyle and her nephew, Colton Longworth, wear the one-of-a-kind handmade masks Price Hoyle has been making for her community. (Erwin Record Staff Photo by Richard Rourk)

By Richard Rourk

The pandemic that has gripped the world has caused a shortage of several items.

Due to the shortages, prices for items such as hand sanitizers and face masks began to rise, but for one local resident, raising prices wasn’t an option.

“I sell these adult masks for $4 and the children’s masks for $2,” Jacqueline Price Hoyle told The Erwin Record. “The price I charge allows me to purchase new material to make more masks. I’m not in it to make money. I just do this as a way to help. I would love to be able to make them free for everyone, but the material has gotten so expensive.”

Price Hoyle began making the masks in mid-March.

“My sister in Texas was the one that suggested I start making masks,” Price Hoyle said. “I’ve been making masks since March 18. My masks have been sent as far as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Texas, Alabama, Georgia and California.”

For Price Hoyle, the opportunity to serve is rewarding.

“I just love it,” Price Hoyle said. “As long as I have the money to continue buying material, I will continue to make masks. I look at those selling masks for $15 or $20 and I just don’t see it. People are losing their jobs, they can’t afford that.”

According to Price Hoyle, the one-of-a-kind masks take only minutes to make.

“It usually only takes me around five minutes to make a mask,” Price Hoyle said. “I have it down to an art now; I’ve made more than 3,200 of them.”

Price Hoyle’s masks are made with a pocket to insert a filter.

“You can use tissue paper, coffee filters or carbon filters for another layer of protection,” Price Hoyle said. “I feel that coffee filters work the best and they are so inexpensive to use for a day and toss. These masks are also designed to expand for different face types.”

The face masks are made from some of the brightest and sturdiest cloths.

“When I purchase material to make a mask, I make sure it’s something I would wear or I don’t make it,” Price Hoyle said. “I also take requests. My pastor is a huge Duke Blue Devils fan so I made him a Duke face mask. My nephew, Colton Longworth, loves the Avengers so he had to have an Avengers mask.”

If you are interested in purchasing one of Price Hoyle’s masks, they are available for purchase at Roller Pharmacy and Clinchfield Drug in Erwin. You can also reach out to Price Hoyle for a special request on Facebook.