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Library Happenings – Variety of new large print books available

By Stephanie Eller

Books, Books!

The library is excited to share our new large print books! We have some great new titles in hardback that came in last week and are ready for check out. To name a few:

• “Isaiah’s Legacy”

• “The White Streak”

• “Above the Bay of Angels”

• “Cottonmouth”

• “The Solid Grounds Coffee Company”

• “Kings Falling”

• “The Traitor’s Pawn”

• “The Heirloom Garden”

• “The Sea Glass Cottage”

And More Books!

To make a long story short, I went to visit my parents the weekend before last, because you know, you just have to get out of town for a while. Anyways, I was discussing our book collection with my mom (she’s an avid reader just like us!), and she stood up from the couch and said, “You need to see this.”

Want to know what she showed me? BOOKS! So many books! Her sweet little neighbor is apparently a member of some kind of Harlequin book club and when she finishes reading them, she passes them on to my mom. My mom had these books stashed everywhere! I laughed as she kept pulling them out from random drawers, her bedside table, and even from under her bed! It was amazing! And it just keeps getting better! At least, I think so anyways.

She was generous enough to let me take some (89 of them to be exact!) and share with our friends at the library. Even though these books are little Harlequin paperback books, they are ALL LARGE PRINT. I could not believe it! I didn’t even know that was a thing, to have a large print paperback book.

So if you like the “Hallmark style” movies, you will love these little books. Come down and visit our library to browse through our new to us books!

World Photo Day

Today is dedicated to World Photo Day to inspire a better world through photography. It’s always been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and with the right photo and photographer, a picture can speak to millions.

This project was started about 10 years ago and is now one of the fastest growing photography celebrations. It is celebrated to commemorate those special memories from holidays, special occasions, and just the simple act of enjoying life.

For those that follow our Facebook page, I would love to see our page flooded with photos of you reading, your favorite book, your families, your hobbies, and just pure happiness. I can’t wait to see your pictures!