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Library Happenings – Teen Advisory Group continues to recruit members

By Angie Georgeff

One reason I like my job is because it’s a bit different every day. I never know who will come through the library door or what that patron will need or want. Of course, most will come in to borrow or return books or DVDs, use our public access computers or attend a program. But there are days when someone needs special assistance with a problem. And we stand ready to help.

I remember one time when family members came into the library looking for information about the diagnosis a loved one had received. The doctor had given them very little information, and they were upset. They didn’t know how to spell the word, and I was unfamiliar with it, so we just had to try searching a number of possible spellings until we came at last upon a condition that fit with what they had been told. They obtained the information they needed from reliable Internet sources.

Very often patrons who are seeking employment make the library the headquarters for their job search. We may see them sitting at our computers several hours each day for weeks. We help them print, scan and fax documents and soon get to know them. We become fond of them, so we’re thrilled when we hear they have found a job, even though we know we will see them less often.

Some of our most enthusiastic patrons are those exploring their family history. As English poet Alexander Pope expressed it, “Hope springs eternal in the human breast.”

I know from my own experience that discovering where an ancestor is buried or learning the maiden name of a foremother can make a 200 mile drive through rain or snow completely worth the time, effort and expense. After all, each maiden name plants a new family tree in your genealogical garden. So how can we help you?

Board Meeting

The Board of Trustees of the Unicoi County Public Library will meet in the library lobby at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 16.

The public is welcome to attend. If you should require any special accommodations in order to attend the meeting, please call the library at 743-6533.

Teen Topics

Our Teen Advisory Group is still recruiting members. We especially need teens who are interested in our Reading Buddies program, which aims to strengthen reading skills by pairing beginning readers with teens who help and encourage the youngsters.

The teen group also enjoys a monthly party all their own which can include movie nights, murder mystery dinners, Pinterest craft parties, and other special events. For more information about teen programs, please call the library and ask for Katrina.