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Library Happenings – Summer Reading Programs wrap up season

By Angie Georgeff

Our Summer Reading Programs for 2018 are done, but SRP 2019 is just 45 weeks away! Our staff is still recuperating after a monumental job well done, but ideas for next year are already percolating through our brains.

The theme for 2019 is space and the slogan is “A Universe of Stories.” Space promises to be an especially productive theme, running the gamut from astronomy to science fiction. I can already visualize a gathering of little green men – and women – carrying signs saying “Take me to your Reader.” In the meantime, we’re planning a menu of programs for children and teens that will resume on a regular schedule in September. Check out our Unicoi County Public Library Kids and Teens Facebook page for updates.

Thank you!

We want to thank everyone who helped us with our 2018 Summer Reading Programs for children and teens. We couldn’t have done it without the support of community organizations and individuals who contributed funds, time, talent and the recyclables that the children made into musical instruments. Thank you!

Spotlight Book

Every time I open a box of chocolates, I immediately go for the nuts. A couple of layers of chocolate – and maybe some caramel – set off those cashews or pecans to perfection. At the core of each nutty bonbon, however, there is that nugget of nutrition. Daniel Silva’s latest thriller builds on a nugget of history. Kim Philby, a high-ranking British intelligence officer, secretly worked for the KGB until he defected to the Soviet Union in 1963. His betrayal shocked the West then and it reverberates to this day. That infamous treason and its aftermath lie at the heart of “The Other Woman.”

The title character is a French journalist who retires to a village nestled in the mountains of Andalusia to write a memoir. The story she tells is one of love and loss, like many other tales, but this one holds the key to the identity of a mole the KGB planted in the West long ago. Now the old Soviet plot is about to bear fruit for Russia. Israeli art restorer cum spy Gabriel Allon and his team join with MI6 and the CIA to shed light on the mole and save the West.

If you read this novel and find yourself intrigued by the true story of Kim Philby, just let us know and we’ll help you read more about him. This offer also applies to the real Varina Howell Davis, the “First Lady of the Confederacy,” if you enjoyed Charles Frazier’s recent novel “Varina” or any number of other historical fiction novels. Truth may indeed be stranger than fiction, and sometimes it is even more entertaining.