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Library Happenings – Sale will benefit children’s, teens’ programs

By Stephanie Eller

What Are You Watching?

“Outlander: Season four” is now available to check out! Set in a British colony of North Carolina, Claire and Jamie are trying to make a home for themselves. As they are settling into their new home, the American Revolution is beginning to take place. Along with the brink of war, the Frasers cross paths with a notorious pirate, Stephen Bonnet, that doesn’t end well for the Fraser family. Brianna Randall and Roger Wakefield are becoming quite close in the 20th century, but are seriously considering following in Claire’s footsteps.

“Supernatural: Season 14” is also available for check out! The Winchester brothers are at it again, saving the world from monsters! In season 13, the brothers had stumbled across an alternate universe where they didn’t even exist! Not to mention it was in the middle of an apocalypse. In the event of trying to save their mother, they got into a fierce battle with some pretty evil and powerful characters. The Winchester brothers never back down from a fight to set things right. Visit the library and check out this season of Supernatural for a harrowing journey into the heart of darkness.

Story Talks

Story has been quite helpful this past week. She had to test out every box that I used to carry books up from the basement. You can’t leave an empty box around and walk away without coming back to it to find a cat inside. Story has also been quite adventurous!

Prowling and chasing down pesky flying insects, or as I like to call them “sky raisins.” Climbing up onto the tallest bookshelves and looking down upon her subjects. You can’t hide eating snacks from her! And speaking of snacks, I asked her if she wasn’t getting enough treats and she proceeded to give me the tiniest meow that sounded as if she had said “No.” We all laughed at that one, because that sounds just like our silly kitty Story.

Book Sale

I would like to thank everyone that came out to support the library at our book sale that was held on July 31. We sold a lot of books that day and hope everyone enjoyed their purchases. It truly was a great turnout. Thank you!

We will be hosting another book sale this Friday, Aug. 14 to help raise money for our Children’s and Teens’ Programs. Adult and Young Adult hardback books are $1 and will be buy one, get one free. Children’s books will be six for $1. Paperback books will be four for $1. DVDs will be $1 each. We will also offer the fill-a-bag option again. This would be a great time to visit and to support your local library!