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Library Happenings – Romance author pens first mystery novel

By Angie Georgeff

Although some authors of novels are not known for a particular genre, most veteran writers eventually become associated with thrillers, romance, historical fiction, fantasy or some other category of fiction in which they specialize. If we who catalog and categorize novels for our patrons become complacent, we could make mistakes. After writing 43 New York Times bestselling novels, romance author Jude Deveraux has penned her first mystery, “A Willing Murder.” The title, thank goodness, alerted us to verify the genre. Murder simply isn’t romantic.

Like the writer who created her, Deveraux’s protagonist Sara Medlar is a romance author.  Retired after selling millions of books, Sara moves back to her hometown of Lachlan, Florida, and takes on the stately home she admired as a child. The venerable mansion is in desperate need of remodeling and much too big for Sara alone. When her niece Kate is offered a job in Lachlan, she asks Sara if she can stay there with her until she gets on her feet. Sara agrees, so Kate moves in, suddenly to discover that she is not Sara’s only houseguest. Kate has to admit that Jackson Wyatt is handsome – even charming – but she finds him almost unbearably irritating.

It looks as though Jack’s presence may prove too high a “rent” for Kate to pay, until two skeletons are unearthed and the trio find themselves working together to solve the mystery. I wonder whether the flaming red flowers of the royal poinciana tree on the book’s dust jacket have anything to do with the mystery. Since the dust jacket states that the book is “A Medlar Mystery,” I presume more are to come. Of course I may be wrong, but I do suspect the mystery will be leavened with at least a dash of romance.

Computer Class

That showy poinciana commanded my notice and piqued my curiosity. I didn’t know what it was, so I simply googled “Florida tree red flowers” and had my answer, with photographs and a list of vendors offering the plants for sale. They are akin to our mimosas, but less tolerant of cold weather. I love the Internet! I no longer sit around wondering about things: I look them up, several times each day. You can, too, and if you don’t already know how, we can teach you.  It’s not only easy, it’s fun!

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