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Library Happenings – New materials arrive, magazine donations wanted

By Angie Georgeff

Ann Napolitano’s “Dear Edward” is the most recent #ReadWithJenna selection. When we step onboard a bus, train, ship or airplane we temporarily become a member of a group. One ordinary morning in June, 12-year-old Eddie Adler, his parents and his older brother join 183 other passengers on a flight from Newark to Los Angeles. Each of those persons is preoccupied with his or her own business, but they inevitably notice one another, as they coalesce into a group of passengers who potentially could share a fate.

A terminally ill tycoon traveling with his nurse, a woman who is unmarried and unexpectedly pregnant, a woman with tiny bells sewn into the hem of her skirt, and a soldier returning from Afghanistan with a wound and a secret join the Adlers on the flight. Tragically, the plane crashes in Colorado. Young Eddie is the sole survivor, and he is suddenly a social media celebrity.  When he is released from the hospital, he goes to live with his aunt and uncle in New Jersey.  There he becomes known as Edward. Cut loose from all his moorings and haunted by memories of the tragedy, Edward struggles to build a new life to go with his new name.  Thankfully, a budding friendship with his next-door neighbor Shay helps him to cope.  Fair warning: There will be tears.

New Stuff!

It’s Christmas in January, and just when our new “toys” were starting to lose their luster. We recently placed orders for DVDs and children’s books, so look for those new items to arrive soon.

We also are working on orders for more large print books, audiobooks and yet more books for children and teens.  More boxes are coming!

Magazines Wanted

Our Library Senior Services Train service takes books, audiobooks, magazines and other library materials to homebound senior citizens and nursing home residents. Some of these patrons prefer magazines to other library materials, since they are lightweight, easy to read and filled with colorful pictures. We currently receive donations of the magazines that our female patrons prefer to read, but we are not getting enough of the magazines most men favor. Our recent requests include fishing, cars and motorcycles, and sports such as golf, baseball and football.

If you have gently used magazines about these subjects that you have already enjoyed, please consider bringing them to the library so we can get them into the hands of these gentlemen.  We – and they – will be grateful. If you are interested in learning more about our Library Senior Services Train, please call the library at 743-6533 and ask for Connie or Angie.