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Library Happenings – New director soon joining library staff

Contributed by Betty Stevens, Chair, Library Board

Let me reintroduce myself to those of you who may not remember times at the library 24 years ago. I am Betty Stevens, presently chair of the Unicoi County Library Board, and 24 years ago director of the Library. I will be acting for the next few weeks until our new director comes on board Sept. 30. 

Her name is Selena Harmon and she has served as a branch manager in one of the other Holston River Region libraries.

She brings experience, enthusiasm, and will receive her masters in what we used to call Library Science from UT in the spring. We’re very excited about her agreeing to serve as director.

Library Board Meeting

The Unicoi County Library Board will be meeting in its regular meeting on Thursday, Sept. 17, at 6 p.m. at the library. We all wear masks and are social distancing for these in-person meetings.

Spotlight Book

As a spotlight book I have chosen “Double Play” by Robert Parker. It’s not a new book by far but seemed appropriate for this time of year when professional baseball teams are saluting Jackie Robinson and the time when he began his career in the big leagues. While the book is fiction, Parker has done an excellent job of placing events in those difficult days and showcasing all the challenges that black athletes faced.

In “Double Play” the events unfold in a rapid fashion and one really gets an understanding about the prices paid when change takes place.

Many of you are familiar with Parker’s Jesse Stone and Spencer characters, one a police chief, and the other a boxer turned private detective. If you’re not, I highly recommend these series.  They are entertaining and quick reads and we have lots of them in the library, including new ones by authors who were authorized to take over the characters after Mr. Parker’s passing.  The staff can help you find these.

Book Sales

We continue to have periodic book sales and these have been very successful. Our library staff is working very hard to keep everything safe for patrons. We hope you will put on your mask and come pay us a visit soon. Reading is so important for our well-being and enjoyment.