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Library Happenings – New collection of audiobooks arrives at library

By Angie Georgeff

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018, the year of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games and midterm elections. Perhaps that’s why I think even years seem more entertaining than their odd counterparts. They’re always so competitive.

Spotlight Audiobooks

Most of the new audiobooks we ordered recently have arrived, so we are working hard to get them cataloged, processed and ready for checkout. We also have to adjust shelves in order to make enough room for all of them. It is a challenge, but we will manage. In the meantime, look for the colored dots that distinguish new items to see what we have added to our collection. Many of our patrons already know to look for those!

We tried to include a variety of genres and authors among the audiobooks ordered. Of course we purchased a selection of high-demand mysteries and thrillers, but we also chose some romance, horror, science fiction, historical fiction, literary fiction and Christian titles. Nonfiction books are also represented among the additions.

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “Astrophysics for People in a Hurry” is the nonfiction title that I’ve found most intriguing. An author who can make relativity and black holes intelligible and entertaining is my favorite kind of scientist. And since almost everybody is in a hurry these days, it helps to have information available in a format that allows us to multitask.

We even can learn about dark matter while we commute, cook dinner or do the laundry. I still prefer reading to listening, but when there isn’t enough time, a good audiobook can turn a chore into a pleasure and help you learn something, too! This title is contained on three compact discs and runs for three-and-a-half hours. After all, Tyson did say “for People in a Hurry!”

Of course there’s nothing wrong with pure entertainment. Philippa Gregory’s “The Last Tudor” imagines the life of Lady Mary Grey, the youngest sister of the “Nine Days Queen” Jane Grey.  Mary was born with physical challenges but during Tudor times, the lives of all lords and ladies close to the throne were subject to scrutiny, restriction and – all too often – prison and/or death. Mindful of Jane’s fate, Mary and their sister Katherine were well aware of the dangerous waters they had to navigate, but they were determined to lead their lives as they saw fit.

However, Mary I and later Elizabeth I were equally determined to preserve their own lives and power, so there were bound to be consequences. This title will transport you to 16th century England for 18 hours of danger and intrigue (and undoubtedly at least a modicum of romance) on fifteen compact discs. Be sure to look for it in one of the larger cases!