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Library Happenings – New books for children, teens arrive

By Angie Georgeff

Our very large order of books for children and teens has arrived! When they were first delivered, one of the big tables in our lobby was filled to capacity with boxes in an array of sizes.

Their less-than-first-class travels from Middle Tennessee and Indiana had left them cold in spite of their dust jackets, but they soon warmed up and now are eager to entertain your children. We are cataloging and processing them as quickly was possible.

Spotlight Book

Alphabet books are a wonderful resource for teaching young children their letters. Most begin with something like “A is for apple; B is for ball and C is for Cat.” They are colorful and practical, but just not that interesting if one is not a toddler. One of our most recent acquisitions, however, is an alphabet book with a twist.

Raj Haldar and Chris Carpenter’s “P Is for Pterodactyl” is subtitled the WORST alphabet book ever. In this book, “A is for Aisle,” “B is for Bdellium” and “C is for Czar.”

Unlike most alphabet books, this one is recommended for children ages four and up, who are familiar with the sounds letters represent most often, but not with the silent letters and other alphabetical oddities that trip up spellers.

I had never expected to encounter the word bdellium in any book other than the Bible, but it’s perfect for this book. If you are wondering, bdellium is an aromatic resin similar to myrrh. It is found throughout the Middle East and is used for incense. Bdellium may also refer to a pearl or precious stone, but don’t worry about unfamiliar words.

At the end of “P Is for Pterodactyl” readers find “The Worst Glossary Ever.” This provides correct pronunciations and humorous definitions for any words with which the kids—or parents—are not yet acquainted. The charming illustrations by Maria Tina Beddia also help to give the words meaning. Now ABCs are fun for kids and grownups!

Thank you, Blue Devils!

Blue Devil baseball coach Chad Gillis wants to involve the team in the community, so he has brought the boys to the library for the past two weeks.

Along with the library’s own Teen Activity Group, they have read with young children in the library’s Reading Buddies program. The kids enjoy the help and attention as they read aloud to their buddy. This helps them to become more confident in their abilities and build reading proficiency.

We want to thank the Blue Devils and all of the volunteers who help out with this program. If you have a child who might benefit from this program, please call the library at 743-6533 for information.