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Library Happenings – New books arrive, summer program ends

By Stephanie Eller

Check Me Out

Jessica Kate’s newest novel, “A Girl’s Guide to the Outback,” is about a passionate youth pastor, Samuel Payton, and his start-up expert coworker, Kimberly Foster.

The two have never been more at odds with each other, but have so much in common than they realize. Sam is still struggling with his failed business, leading to insecurities he just can’t shake off, and Kimberly has suffered years of rejection which has left her defensive and longing for the affection she deserves. Sam’s decision to help his sister Jules’ struggling farm in Australia, instead of devoting to the church, really opens Kimberly’s eyes to the fact that no one can replace Sam.

As Kimberly sets out on an adventure to help Jules’ farm with her business knowledge, only then will Sam reconsider going back to the church. As they all work together on the farm, they start to learn things about themselves they never knew.

As for Kimberly and Sam, they slowly start to realize that they aren’t that different from each other after all and could possibly find themselves being more than just friends. Check out this book to follow along with Kimberly and Sam’s journey to finding their true selves and everlasting love. (Available in large print.)

“Chosen Ones” by Veronica Roth is the first book to a new adult fantasy fiction series. It revolves around five teenagers who saved the world from this dark evil entity and have been named the Chosen Ones. Fifteen years later, the world has returned back to its normal state for all except for the Chosen Ones.

Their fame and purpose in life has been fulfilled, so what do they do now that they’re adults? For one, the past just keeps showing itself to her and she is having a hard time adjusting to the present. On the 10th anniversary of the Dark One’s defeat, one of the Chosen Ones was found dead and this has raised many questions among them about the Dark One’s ultimate goal.

The surviving four Chosen Ones are beginning to realize this is becoming much bigger than the world itself. Hopefully they have the courage to defeat the Dark One again and no more lives are lost.

If you enjoyed Veronica Roth’s “Divergent” series, swing by the library to check out her new book.

Look for both of these great reads displayed at the circulation desk!

End of Summer Reading

Today (Aug. 5) marks the last day of our Summer Reading Program. Even though this year has turned out to be a challenge, our Children’s and Teen Librarians have made the best of these difficult times.

I would like to give them a “shout out” for doing a fantastic job and bringing smiles to the children’s faces each week. They truly have had to think outside the box for some creative ideas for our Summer Reading Program! Stay tuned for future programs as they start planning for the fall.