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Library Happenings – Library preparing order for new materials

By Angie Georgeff

It is less than four weeks until Christmas, so pickings are likely to be pretty slim for the next month – at least insofar as new releases are concerned. December is usually a slow month for publishers, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything for you to read. In fact, it is one of the months when I am busiest.

Federal funds for certain library materials will soon be released, so we will order DVDs, audiobooks, large print and books for children and teens.

As always, please let us know what you want to see, hear and read. It’s easy: Tell our circulation staff when you check out or give us a call at 743-6533.

Spotlight Books

This week our spotlight shines on two books: Danielle Steel’s “Beauchamp Hall” and James Patterson’s “Target: Alex Cross.” As my husband was courteously informed by a London cabbie while we were on our honeymoon, Beauchamp is pronounced “Beecham.” Beauchamp Place, the fashionable shopping street in Knightsbridge which was then our destination within the metropolis, is miles away from Beauchamp Hall, a binge-watchers dream of a period drama that has Winona Farmington in thrall.

The wildly popular upstairs/downstairs British series is set on a baronial estate in Norfolk during the 1920s. Sound familiar?

Buffeted by the vicissitudes of life and her own tendency to compromise, Winnie’s years have yielded a series of disappointments. When she is passed over for a promotion and betrayed by her boyfriend on the same day, however, she refuses to settle for lemons yet again. She packs her bags, flies to England and visits the town where Beauchamp Hall is filmed. Will taking this impetuous leap lead to disaster or a fairytale ending?

It is no secret that James Patterson shares authorship of most of his novels with a coterie of busy co-writers. His Alex Cross novels, however, are pure Patterson.

During the years I have worked at the library, I have come to expect only one of these per year and to catalog it around Thanksgiving. This year has brought us “Target: Alex Cross.”

Those of us who are old enough to remember the assassination of President John F. Kennedy will never forget where we were when we heard the shocking news.

When another president dies in office of natural causes, the nation mourns. Then a prominent senator is assassinated. 

Both Alex Cross, currently on retainer with the FBI, and his wife Bree Stone, recently promoted to chief of detectives in Washington, DC, are assigned to investigate the crime. When further attacks on the presidential line of succession follow, Alex realizes that a decapitation strike is unfolding.